We carry a huge variety of high quality area rugs from around the world as well as a large selection of beautiful hand-painted oil on canvas paintings.

We carry olefin rugs with up to a 2 million point per square meter weave density and up to a 15mm pile height.  Olefin rugs have the look and feel of wool, but unlike wool, are nearly impossible to stain.  They can stay looking new for years and are both non-absorbent and colorfast.

We also carry hand-knotted wool rugs from several Middle Eastern countries.  Hand-knotted rugs can last for generations and are considered a sign of status and quality.

In addition, we carry hand-tufted wool rugs from India.  These beautiful rugs are often over an inch thick.  They offer a similar look to hand-knotted rugs for a fraction of the price and can last for decades.

Our paintings are all done by individual artists with brush or palette-knife using quality oil paints on canvas.   We display the work of over 50 professional and student artists and our collection represents exceptional value.

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